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'Thank a Youth Worker' Day

Posted by Jamesha Harris on Apr 25, 2019

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Say “Thanks” to a youth worker today!

Thank a Youth Worker Day is May 9, 2019. This world-wide movement is designated to bring awareness and gratitude to the largest group of human service professionals. Join us to say ‘Thanks’ to a youth worker who has made a difference in your life. 

The Youth Work field is comprised of many roles. According to the National Collaboration for Youth, a youth worker is an individual who works with or on behalf of youth to facilitate their personal, social, and educational development and enable them to gain a voice, influence, and place in society as they make the transition from dependence to independence.  We are coaches, mentors, house parents, teachers and counselors; you might find us in community centers, after school programs, churches, mental health centers and more. We help kids be kids and realize their dreams. Say ‘Thanks’ to a youth worker today!


Youth is our work

Relationships are our focus

Realizing potential is our mission