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Safe Place Request for Proposals Updated 9/9/2016!

Indiana Youth Services Association is accepting proposals for funding of the Safe Place program for fiscal years 2017-2019. The complete Request for Proposal can be accessed here. Applicants must be able to meet eligibility requirements and...

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TXT911Lifeline "Digital Domes" over College Campuses Enters Second Week

Indiana Youth Services Association's Make Good Decisions Initiative is increasing awareness among Indiana's high school and college-aged young adults about alcohol awareness, alcohol poisoning signs and symptoms and Indiana's Lifeline Law with a...

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Innovation and technology merge for a back-to-school program to teach high school and college students how to recognize and avoid life-threatening dangers too many young adults face in Indiana – alcohol poisoning, drug use, sexual assault...

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2016 Make Good Decisions Golf Outing

Join us as we host the 4th annual Make Good Decisions Golf Outing! It will be held at Hillcrest Country Club on September 12, 2016. All proceeds will benefit the Make Good Decisions program, which educates young people about...

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How to Identify Human Trafficking in Lafayette

The number of human trafficking cases continues to increase over the years. In Lafayette, Indiana the number of cases has increased from 40 to 60 over a single year span. Ian Hurst, Northwest Regional Coalition Coordinator for Indiana's Victim...