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In Indiana, the use of e-cigarettes and vaping among youth has risen more than 350 percent among high school and middle school students since 2012, according to the ISDH. Furthermore, Indiana teens are more likely to use vaping devices than...


Safe Place Request for Proposal to Provide Services due October 11, 2019 Updated with FAQs!

The Safe Place programs provide outreach, temporary shelter, and counseling services for youth under the age of eighteen, in crisis situations through a network of Safe Place sites sustained by qualified agencies, trained staff and volunteers and...


Registration for Youth Worker Retreat now open


Looking for a place where fun and crazy meets professional development? Look no further! Indiana Youth Services Association's annual Youth Worker Development Retreat does just that. This retreat will take you back to when you were carefree...


Dr. Anda to present ACEs Study in Indiana

A free, one day conference featuring Dr. Anda, co-author of the original ACES study and Laura Porter, former director
of the Washington State Family Policy Council and Office of ACE Partnerships. Learn how to impact the health of future...


'Thank a Youth Worker' Day

Say “Thanks” to a youth worker today!

Thank a Youth Worker Day is May 9, 2019. This world-wide movement is designated to bring awareness and gratitude to the largest group of human service professionals. Join us to say...