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Learn about the Indiana Lifeline Law

Posted by iysa on Apr 12, 2013

"Make a Call, Get Help, Save a Life"

That's the message of Indiana's Lifeline Law. Dawn and Norm Finbloom, Senator Jim Merritt, and Indiana Youth Services Association are teaming up to help kids “Make Good Decisions” when it comes to Underage Alcohol Use. The partnership is focused on educating youth, young adults, and parents on making good decisions, that underage drinking is dangerous, and the Indiana Lifeline Law.

The partnership wants to educate and equip teens for responsible decision-making; Make good decisions, be yourself and be a friend to others. We do not condone underage drinking, but we are cognizant that it does occur and want to change that culture for teens by impacting the attitudes and behaviors of young people and adults. Our primary message is for kids to choose to not drink because it is illegal and dangerous.

The Indiana Lifeline Law provides immunity for some alcohol-related offenses, subject to certain conditions, to Hoosiers who request medical assistance for someone in need or receive medical assistance due to a request by someone else.

  • The Lifeline Law provides immunity for the crimes of public intoxication, minor possession, minor consumption, and minor transportation alcohol to persons who reveal themselves to law enforcement while seeking medical assistance for a person suffering from an alcohol-related health emergency.

  • In order to receive immunity, the person must demonstrate that they are acting in good faith by completing ALL of the following:
    - Providing their full name any other relevant information requested by law enforcement officers
    - Remaining on the scene until law enforcement and emergency medical assistance arrives 
    - Cooperating with authorities on the scene


  • The law will not interfere with law enforcement procedures or limit the ability to prosecute for other criminal offenses such as providing to a minor, operating while intoxicated, or possession of a controlled substance

As a last resort, we want everyone to be aware of the Indiana Lifeline law, so a life can be saved and another family does not have to go through the tragedy of losing a loved one. The Lifeline law is simple; “Make the Call, Get Help, Save a Life”. Instead of having a culture where people are afraid to pick up the phone and dial 911 in an emergency, we want a culture where teens do not hesitate to make the call when a friend is in need. We are aware that the threat of consequences, whether they are those of the legal system or those handed down by parents can create a potential barrier when a teen is considering whether or not to dial 911 during a medical related emergency. In order to change that culture, the Indiana Lifeline law provides immunity for the person who makes the call or assists the caller and cooperates with emergency personnel, from the crimes of public intoxication, minor possession, minor consumption, and minor transportation alcohol.

The Finblooms, Senator Merritt and IYSA will continue to spread the message of “Make Good Decisions” and "Choose To Live" to young people. One more death because of drinking and fear is unbearable.


Learn more details about the Indiana Lifeline Law at the following websites: