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 Make Good Decisions educates teens and young adults on the dangers of underage drinking, drugs, destructive behaviors and the Indiana Lifeline Law.

2018 Make Good Decisions Annual Report

2017 Make Good Decisions Annual Report

2016 Make Good Decisions Annual Report

  • Every 44 hours a college-aged person dies from alcohol poisoning.
  • Most teen-drinking deaths aren’t traffic related. They are from other alcohol infused accidents such as falls, homicides, suicides, and alcohol poisoning.
  • 9% of the teen alcohol deaths are from simply drinking too much, too fast.


Know the signs

It is impossible to accurately tell on the scene if someone is passed out or dying. Even doctors need medical equipment to fully assess.  Any one of these signs or combination of these signs, and you need to call 911 immediately:

  • Acting unusually confused
  • Repetitively throwing up
  • Breathing is different than normal
  • Skin looks pale or bluish
  • Loss of bodily functions
  • Snoring unusually or loudly
  • Passed Out (meaning you can’t wake the person up to an alert state)


Make Good Decisions Pledge

I will do my best to make good decisions. 
If someone needs help I will make the call. 
If I need help, I give you permission to Make The Call for me.


Digital Outreach of the Lifeline Law Partners

Reaching college students through social media via a “digital dome."  Students on campus WiFi as well as Twitter, Facebook, and Pandora will receive messages about “making the call” for help.
Thank you to our partners for helping educate students to just MAKE THE CALL!


Make Good Decisions Speaker Profiles 

State Senator Jim Merritt (view profile)


      Dawn and Norm Finbloom (view profile)


      Stevan Stankovich (view profile)

   IYSA staff is also available upon request


Senate Bill 227- Lifeline Expansion Author: Sen. Jim Merritt (R-Indianapolis)

According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, more than one in five high school students has reported binge drinking, and more than two dozen Hoosiers under the age of 21 have died from alcohol poisoning in the last 10 years.

During the 2014 legislative session, Sen. Merritt expanded Indiana’s Lifeline Law to help save more young lives. 

Senate Bill 227: Immunity from Arrest or Prosecution

• Gives immunity from certain alcohol-related offenses to minors who call to report a medical emergency or crime.

 New Mitigating Circumstance

• Establishes a mitigating circumstance for a person convicted of a controlled- substance offense if the person’s was facilitated in part because the person requested emergency medical help for an individual suffering from an alcohol- or substance-related emergency.

 New Deferral Program

• Allows a court to defer entering a judgment of conviction for a person arrested for an alcohol offense if they were arrested after a report that the person needed medical assistance due to the use of alcohol.

 Administration of Overdose Intervention Drugs

• Allows first-responders to administer Naloxone and similar medical treatments that counteract the effects of a drug overdose, and allows certain health-care providers to prescribe overdose intervention drugs to certain medical personnel and firefighters.

 Sexual Assault Study

• Requires state agencies to study how many people fall victim to domestic or sexual violence, reasons the crimes are underreported and best practices for reporting and connecting victims to treatment services.


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