Child and Youth Care Certification Youth Worker Credential

             Child and Youth Care Worker (CYC) Certification

This certification is a national credential for child and youth care work practitioners. It is based on a three-tiered system beginning with Entry Level and includes Associate and Professional Levels.
CYC certification allows practitioners to demonstrate their development as professionals and participate in true career development. Over time, practitioners can combine in-service training, formal education and work experience to qualify for increasingly advanced positions. Or they can continue to work in the same setting with the ability to meet a wider range of youth needs.

Congratulations Indiana- there are currently 230 certified practitioners in our state! (See the list of Indiana agencies who employ certified youth workers.)

Steps to Certification

1. Determine Certification Level:

Explore the certification levels and determine which one best describes your experience, education and training. You can apply to whichever level is the best fit. It is not necessary to complete Entry Level before obtaining a higher level. You cannot be certified unless you meet all of the requirements for a specific level.

2. Complete Application:


To complete the certification process, practitioners in Indiana will first submit the application which includes:

  • Application processing fee (or indicate scholarship information)
  • Level of CYC Certification applying for
  • Work history
  • Education level
  • Training hours list (indicating competencies)
  • Taining/ education documentation (certificates/ transcripts)
  • Supervisor reference
  • Two Colleague references
  • Proof of membership in a professional association
  • Portfolio (Professional level only)
  • Sign eligibility & agreement statement

3. Schedule Testing:

 Click here to view the events calendar with exam dates or REGISTER for the exam. Many exam dates are scheduled across Indiana. 

4. Complete Testing:

Upon completion of testing, practitioners will be notified by mail of test results, usually within 2-3 weeks. 

Foundations Course:

Register for Foundations at: HERE  

or go to:

Upcoming schedule:

  •      The spring class will take place on March 4-6 & April 8-11, 2018. Plan to attend all days from 9am to 4pm.
  •      A Training of Trainers will be included for approved participants (additional day on March 7th). All days 9am to 5pm.
  •      Location- The English Foundation Building (YMCA), 615 N Alabama St, Conf Room 8, Indianapolis, IN 46204

The course includes:

  • Training across all competencies
  • Sessions that meet the training requirements for Entry Level certification
  • Certification process with application guidance, exam prep and completion
  • Between-class activities
  • Access to online modules
  • Student workbook

Learning outcomes include (from Academy website):

  • An increased awareness, understanding, and sensitivity to how children and youth develop.
  • An increased understanding of and capacity to engage in empowering interactions.
  • An increased understanding of and capacity to work within and across systems (teams, families, cultures, and communities).
  • An increased repertoire of activities and techniques for engaging youth in ways that will help them develop independence and Thrive.
  • An increased capacity to guide youth and resolve interpersonal differences using brain-based approaches.
  • An increased awareness of careers in child and youth work and the fundamentals of professional practice.
  • An increased ability to pass CYC Certification Exams and become certified.


Additional Resources:

Contact for Director of Indiana CYC Certification- Jeananne Reich,