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Helpful Links

Annie E. Casey Foundation - Kids Count Data

Provides up to date statistics and data related to the well-being of children and
families in every state.

Child Welfare League of America

An organization that focuses on advocating for policies that are in best interest of children
and families with a focus on children and youth who may have experienced abuse or
neglect, family disruption, or a range of other challenges that impact their safety,
permanence or well-being.

Center for Budget and Policy Priorities

An organization that specializes in how federal budget impacts low-income populations
 and policies that would support low income individuals and families.

Coalition for Human Needs

An alliance of national organizations working together to promote public policies that
 address the needs of low-income and other vulnerable people.

Every Child Matters Education Fund

A nonpartisan child advocacy organization focused on making children a national
policy priority.

IARCCA - An Association of Children & Family Services 

A membership organization of child and family serving organizations that promotes and
 advocates for improved care and treatment for children and families through advocacy
 efforts and outcome measures project.

Indiana Coalition for Human Services

A membership organization of human service providers that advocate for issues
related to the provision of quality, affordable, and accessible services and
programs for Hoosiers in need.

Indiana Disproportionality Committee

A coalition of human service organizations, individuals, and community members
who advocate to create equality within Indiana systems and equalize the proportion
of children of color in human service systems with their percentage of the overall

Institute for Working Families

The Institute is a statewide program in Indiana that combines research and policy
 analysis on federal and state legislation, public policies and programs impacting
 low-income working families.

Marion County Commission on Youth, Inc. (MCCOY)

An organization that advocates for youth development to advance the policies and
 opportunities that help young people build skills that help them to be successful in
childhood through adulthood.

State of Indiana

The State government website that provides information about the current legislative
 sessions, introduced bills, calendars, legislator information, etc.

United Way of Central Indiana

This organization completed a 2008 Community Assessment related to Central Indiana
 and identified community conditions, assets, and concerns.

Quit Smoking Community 

This organization supports the cause of promoting a healthier lifestyle through education and awareness.