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About IYSA

IYSA membership is comprised of Youth Service Bureaus that deliver community based juvenile delinquency and family support programming. IYSA’s current 32 members serve approximately 74 Hoosier counties. Youth Services Bureaus (YSB) serve vulnerable youth and families and offer programming that supports positive youth development. YSB programming is defined in Indiana state statue and includes four core roles:

  • Juvenile delinquency prevention
  • Information and referral services
  • Community education
  • Advocacy for youth

Our achievements and efforts focus on services and programs for those teens and pre-teens most at risk for juvenile delinquency. Our goal -- always -- is prevention.

While the Youth Service Bureaus themselves conduct these programs and sustain the links among social services in their community, IYSA supports them with professional assistance and training, links to federal and statewide programs, community education and advocacy. IYSA is one of the most valuable resources in Indiana for expertise and best practices in programs for youth in danger of delinquency. We are sought out by policy makers, educators, social workers, courts, media, and private philanthropic funding sources for accurate and significant information and advocacy for these young people and the families who support them.

We lead and assist the Youth Service Bureaus in establishing, maintaining, and meeting rigorous accreditation standards, sustaining an effective peer review process, and with best practices and program information. This network sustains and strengthens the availability and effectiveness of services for youth at risk.

The Association and its members are committed to providing the people of Indiana with the services necessary for vulnerable youth to grow into healthy, productive, and nurturing adults.