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Making a Difference

Posted by Jamesha Harris on Mar 28, 2017

Filed under SafePlace

Identifying a safe place to go can be critical when a youth contemplates their next decision. Youth Connections, both a Youth Service Bureau and Safe Place agency, knows this to be true. With the assistance of one of  the many bright yellow signs reading 'Safe Place', Youth Connection staff were able to help a pregnant teenager find a safe, new place to stay. This youth was able to walk into an establishment she was familiar with and ask for help, and that's the beauty of Safe Place. These sites are places in the community that youth are already familiar with and can go to regardless of their situation. Youth Connections has 142 sites total spread throughout the community, and continue to add more. Without these sites, some youth wouldn't have a place to turn to, so we would like to say THANK YOU, Youth Connections! Don't stop doing great work and provide safe places for the youth in your community. We appreciate you! 


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