NSP Conference in Louisville, KY

The eleventh biennial conference, FOCUS 2014, will take place October 1-3 in Louisville, Ky. As a conference and networking opportunity for individuals in the youth services field, FOCUS 2014 will center on various topics, including program...


MSW Online Program Blog

Find great information on furthering education in Social Work

Getting your master’s degree may be hard work, but finding out where to enroll shouldn’t be. created a forum that locating an online school is easy....


Ivy Tech Community College Classes – Designed for Youth Workers

Youth development classes are being offered this spring at the regional campuses of Ivy Tech Community College. The classes are designed to be affordable and accessible to Indiana's youth workers...and lead to an Indiana Youth Development...


Learn about the Indiana Lifeline Law

"Make a Call, Get Help, Save a Life"

That's the message of Indiana's Lifeline Law. Dawn and Norm Finbloom, Senator Jim Merritt, and Indiana Youth Services Association are teaming up to help kids “Make Good Decisions” when it comes to...


HHS and the Department of Education have unveiled an enhanced

Bullying can be verbal, like name calling, social, to affect reputations and relationships, or even physical, which hurts someone or their possessions. It can happen anywhere, and to anyone. We can help kids understand bullying by talking to them...

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